Youth Voice Training now available

Thanks to the Social Investment Business we are offering subsidised training on embedding youth voice in your organisation. All subsidised training is delivered with young people, is practical in nature, and includes useful handouts and FREE access to all downloadable materials. Get in touch today to book an in-house course.

Why attend our training? We’ve delivered 3 public courses and continue to develop the programme, based on our many courses and sessions (including in-house) in the past. Some quotes from our training include: “A well facilitated and engaging training session – I left feeling good about youth voice in my organisation and that I can move forward with more knowledge!“, “The exercises we did in groups helped me pin point where we are“, “the discussions felt genuine and meaningful“, “The trainers were very welcoming, articulate and perceptive“, “It was all really helpful“, “It was really relatable to my role and how we are going forward with our youth provision“.

Our favourite quote so far is “More of this training is required across the whole arts & cultural sector!! Should be mandatory for all arts organisations, especially NPO’s!“. And we agree, you can read a bit more about giving young people a voice in this article from Arts Professional which we contributed to and created the downloadable resource for Arts Award this links with.

Our public training is finished for the funded period, however more are being planned. Please email to request one in your region.

Our in-house training lasts from three to six hours including breaks, a core module and your chosen optional modules. It is tailored to your circumstances and can involve more strategic thinking and organisational planning. We can also accommodate consortia – or shared training where one host is joined by other organisations or partners it invites. Funded in-house training is for up to a maximum of 18 people and we’d love you to include staff & young people. Download a flyer.

All training will provide you with resources, slides, case studies and practical tips on enabling youth voice in your organisation. Our training team includes an experienced trainer and a young trainer to give you a range of perspectives.

As an attendee you should have some experience of young people’s projects but keen to share & develop knowledge of embedding their voice in your organisation – the same goes for young people attending the course! We recommend young people already have some involvement or say in the organisation as a junior staff member, young trustee or existing participation group so they can implement learning from the day and support attending staff in implementing youth voice.

Why is the training unique and you should book?

  • All funded training will be co-delivered by an experienced trainer and a young trainer
  • All public training includes a free place for a young person for every adult booked on
  • You choose which optional modules to run
  • All of the modules’ resources will be available FREE to attendees to download too

Here’s what our modules involve:

Developing Youth Voice – core module (2.5 hours)
Establish an understanding of what youth voice is, recognise it within your own participation practice and feel confident explaining why you should enable youth voice in your organisation.

Optional modules (1.5 hours each)

Engaging Digitally
Take a look at how to use digital technologies for engaging young people, discuss how to do so safely and recognise the difference between marketing and participatory engagement online. This is a practical session including rich media examples.

Co-Producing Events
Explore how to co-produce events and projects with young people.You’ll leave with an understanding of the value of this approach and plenty of practical examples showing the range and simplicity of potential events.

Young Ambassadors
Find out what young ambassadors can offer your organisation and discuss the benefits for young people. We’ll look at case studies, explore opportunities you identify and give you some practical skills to develop your own group.

How much is the training?
– In-house training costs £450+VAT including up to 2 optional modules; for subsidised sessions (very limited number available so get in touch quick)

How to book?
Get in touch with us now on for in-house training

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